Discover what is and how aerothermal energy works, one of the most popular technologies of the moment

The development of new technologies applied to homes has allowed over recent years to optimize and improve the way in which we acclimatize our homes during the year. In this post we explain all you have to know about Aerothermal energy

Aerothermal energy has now become a very attractive alternative. Therefore, we will see what this type of energy consists of, how it works and what advantages it has with respect to others conventional systems.

1# ¿What aerothermal energy is?

qué es la aerotermia

We can define the aerothermal energy as a process by which a heat pump extracts thermal energy from the ambient air. This energy can be used to cool a home in summer, or to get heating in winter. It is also possible to use this energy to have sanitary hot water throughout the year.

2# How aerothermal energy does work?

Aerothermal energy

As we have said, a heat pump located in the aerothermal system extracts the thermal energy from the ambient air. The heat pump transfers heat from a colder fluid to a warmer one. Once the energy has been extracted, the device distributes this energy as air conditioning, heating or hot water.

Therefore, regardless the outside air temperature, the heat pump is able to extract energy from it, since the air contains energy even when its temperature is at below zero. So, in any type of circumstance, aerothermal energy is able to supply energy.

Although many manufacturers consider aerothermal energy as renewable energy, we cannot consider it as such. It is true that this energy is a more ecological system than traditional systems, but it does not reach the coefficient of performance necessary to be classified as renewable energy, since the heat pump needs electrical energy to extract energy from ambient air.

3# Advantajes of this technology

Finally, we will see the main advantages of aerothermal energy compared to conventional methods, such as electric resistance heating.

– It is a more ecological and environmentally friendly solution.

– In optimal conditions, aerothermal energy consumes up to 70% less electricity than conventional resistance systems.

– Although the cost of the system is bigger than others conventional systems, the saving in electricity consumption is more than remarkable, and in the long term we will obtain greater savings.

– System installation is relatively simple.

Once we have analyzed the operation and the advantages of aerothermal energy, we can verify that it is a very attractive and recommended solution for all types of homes for two main reasons: the great energy savings and the care towards the environment.

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